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We make it convenient for you to get donuts delivered. Order them to your house. Send donuts to a friend. Reward your loyal customers with a Thank You box. Place an order for delivery within the hour or schedule for a future date.


We couldn’t count how many times we’d been driving around and had a craving for baked goods only to pull up to a bakery to see a Closed sign on the door. Often this happens on a Monday or Tuesday. In a way we can relate. Working 7 days a week will burn anybody out. It was still something that we felt we could improve upon. We view ourselves as a convenience business offering donut delivery whenever or wherever the need arises. By creating good systems and having a thorough training program we were able to remove ourselves from having to be there 7 days a week and still offer a great product.


Building off the 7 days a week and convenience ideas, having extended hours was another differentiator that we wanted to provide. We’ve had the experience where we are driving home from work and would like to get something fresh for dessert but most of the bakeries are closed or sold out. How about after dinner you are craving something and don’t want to fire up the oven. Good luck finding a bakery that will have fresh dozen donuts at that hour. We are built for this very challenge. Fresh donut delivery from 7am to 6pm.


Planning a wedding or event? Need donuts for a business function? We’re more than happy to help you out. Shoot us an email and we will work with you on the details. Delivery is included on catering orders over 6 dozen. 


This one might seem like an obvious point but it is one that we will never change. If you look at a lot of the packaged goods you remember growing up on (twinkies, whoopie pies, donuts, strudel, etc) I think everyone will agree that they don’t taste the same as they used to. We feel that one of the reasons our business can thrive is for this very reason. Donut chains that originally started out baking fresh every day became popular for this very reason. However, as they grew and became more corporate the focus changed from high quality ingredients to how we can save money. This is where the substitute ingredients come in (high fructose corn syrup, maltitol, etc). As long as we have control of Fuzion Donuts we will never allow this to happen.


A convenience item like a donut is often ordered when someone has a craving (at least in our case). As we stated earlier, we are 100% focused on donuts in our bakery and that allows us to pack and ship your order very quickly after we receive it. In this day and age with Amazon Prime nobody wants to be waiting around for their order to arrive.