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R.j. SummersR.j. Summers
03:56 05 Aug 22
I came across a booth at the 124st Farmers Market and on a whim I bought one...Wow...I mean it was breathtakingly good!! I love pastry and this, it was the best one I have ever had...I'm 58 years old!I highly recommend and will be ordering more from this place, they freaking deliver!!!
Paul DoucettePaul Doucette
21:18 27 Jul 22
I am a large operation caterer in Edmonton - My team and I liked them SO much that I literally re-printed our catering menus to be sure to feature them!!! Our customers love them and my staff add on their own selections any time I get them!
Jelena BabicJelena Babic
03:51 11 Jul 22
Have tried both the carrot cake donut and the triple chocolate and can safely say (as a donut fanatic) that these are the best gourmet/specialty donuts in Edmonton!! They are sooo good. Have picked some up at both Currents market and Bountiful market. The guy at Bountiful market is a positive force of energy that will make you smile!
Kelly HaylockKelly Haylock
20:08 08 May 22
A must try if you are a donut fan! We were pleasantly surprised with our dozen donuts. Unique flavours and combos were appreciated in my household. Looking forward to seeing what they make next month!
Bomee KimBomee Kim
03:03 02 May 22
I love their donuts!! I got them at Bountiful Farmer’s market and they were really fresh.It was fun to see and to try unique flavours. Their cake donut melted in my mouth.I definitely go back to try other flavours!!
Chris P.Chris P.
00:44 02 May 22
Not only are the treats absolutely wonderful, but the lady at the Farmers Market stalll was so incredibly sweet! I can only assume the rest of your work family is just as sweet as your donuts, and kind hearted as she is, so thank you for the wonderful food and making my day brighter!Seriously though, amazing donuts 🙂
Debbie LegereDebbie Legere
04:00 16 Apr 22
These donuts are simply amazing! Always fresh, delicious and huge!! No skimping on great food here. The owners (family business) know their donuts and ingredients and relay the information with such ease. Glad to see this vendor at Bountiful Farmers’ Market! Keep it up team!
Iryna SmarkutskaIryna Smarkutska
15:35 27 Mar 22
Fresh donuts, delivery was free when ordered directly through the site. I had an opportunity to try all different flavours, yummy. Great to see new local places popping up in Edmonton , must try!Update: I love being able to try new flavours every month. It's impossible to eat just one, so we quarter them to sample more! Plus it's harder to figure out how many I actually ate that way 🙈😆
Maysyn GordonMaysyn Gordon
22:37 26 Mar 22
I just picked up a donut with my husband and..... Omg... Are you kidding???? Why am I only learning about them now?! Cake donuts are so delicious and they've perfected it. I bought them from the bountiful farmers market, but I am 1000000000000% ordering for delivery next time. I can't wait for the next farmers market. And!!! They were sold out of some flavors! You know they're good when 5 flavors are already sold out.
Monika OliverMonika Oliver
03:37 20 Feb 22
Wow! First time ordering and was blown away with the quality, taste, variety and free shipping! Delivery was so quick and really enjoyed the text updates. Ended up ordering a second dozen later in the same day because I was so impressed! Love that you can't make substitutions. Getting to try all the different flavours is part of the fun!
23:58 31 Jan 22
Great, fresh made donuts. I'm not a huge fan of "cake" donuts like at Doughnut Party, so I'm glad there's a high quality choice for proper donuts here. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of their policy where they don't let you choose which donuts you can order in a box, but the fact that they pretty much all end up being quite delicious makes up for that. Even the ones I don't think I would like! They also don't use any meat by-products like lard or gelatine, so that is a big plus for me!
christine champagnechristine champagne
08:33 14 Jan 22
WOW, these donuts put crispy creme, Tim.Hortons, and basically every other single donut I have ever tried to shame! Not only do they offer an incredible donut spread with each custom delivered box, but OMG! EVERY single donut in the box was mind-blowing delicious! Fluffy, sweet and exciting to bite into.Such an easy and smooth ordering experience too!The donuts came beautifully hand delivered right to our front door and just in time to feed our small hungry Christmas party! These donuts definitely became the highlight to everyones night!Hands down, 5-stars for flavour and over-all experience!

Weddings, Reveals, Baby Showers, Birthdays

Let us make your special day one to remember. Whether you are planning a small reveal party and need 1 dozen donuts or a large wedding, we will work with you to create something unique and memorable. Our donut wall is also available to provide an amazing presentation.

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• The Donuts are no longer fresh (day olds)
• Delivery is only available for the next day
• Sold out early

Our first focus is to provide fresh, handmade Donuts 7 days per week. We will never sell donuts that were not made the same day. It was important for us to offer convenient delivery. We are happy to say you can order donuts off our website and recieve them within the hour if you wish. We will do our absolute best to make sure that we have donuts for sale as late in the day as possible. We will never be perfect and want to avoid waste so please pre-order your donuts if you need them for a special occasion.


The unique story behind Fuzion Donuts starts with Tahner Friedley, an airline pilot whose wings were temporarily grounded due to COVID. Rather than waiting for the call back to work he used this opportunity to realize his dream of owning a business. Tahner joined forces with Enrico Caparas, an experienced pastry chef who has honed his craft at premium international hotel brands here and in Asia.


People can’t get freshly made donuts at their convenience.


Comfort when you Crave in every major Canadian City in 10 years.


Quality Ingredients.

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• Continually learn how to do our job better.
• Look for efficiencies in every task.
• Hold our teammates accountable.
• Follow systems and checklists to make sure the product is consistent every time.
• Lead by example and encourage the team when they get distracted or discouraged.
• Eliminate distractions. Don’t let your smart phone ruin your focus.
• Bring a positive attitude and integrity to all situations.
• Work well under pressure.
• Strive for perfection.


If we travel back in time and look at a bakery, it has always been a labor of love. One of the reasons they use that as a description is because of the very early mornings. A baker has to be passionate about their baking in order to dedicate many years of their life to the early mornings and the early nights. It goes without saying that baked goods are always the best when they are fresh so whether you are selling donuts, bread, cake, muffins, cookies or pastries when you want to sell handmade, fresh products you have to bake it that morning. When we travel back to the late 1800’s when cities were growing very fast with the industrial revolution many of the neighborhood bakeries were family run operations that had been handed down from one generation to the next. This was a time when horses were the main mode of transportation. People were not able to hop in their car and drive half way across town to their favorite spot. Every neighborhood had their bakery which produced enough for their area and that is it. These artisan bakeries were a fixture in the community. Everyone knew their baker by name and vice versa.

As you fast forward in time to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s this trend started to change. There’s always the exception where one or two of these bakeries survived selling handmade, fresh products every day but generally these small neighborhood shops slowly disappeared as the larger grocery stores started producing mass quantities of goods in large facilities. The trend moved towards big box stores that took the smaller shops (bakeries, butchers, milk delivery, fruit & vegetables from the farmers market) and combined them into a one stop shop. This went over well in the beginning as customers enjoyed the fact that they could drive to one place and get everything they needed. However, there was a downside to this model that people slowly started to realise and that the products especially from the bakery slowly started to morph into not so fresh and handmade. Instead of an artisan product you are presented with something mass produced. The flavor that you remember from the high quality ingredients that a baker would use was no longer there. Instead if was cheap ingredients with chemicals that allow the bread to stay moist for many days.

It took the baking community several decades to recover from this new trend. You were accustomed to seeing your local bakeries and butcher shops disappear. Bakers were understandably leery of opening a new shop focusing on the handmade, fresh baked products based on the old family recipe. It wasn’t until well into the 2000’s that we started to see the trend back towards artisan bakeries making handmade, fresh products in small batch quantities. If you frequented the farmers market or visited a new up and coming trendy neighborhood you might spot them. It was very encouraging to see this happening more and more in cities and across the country. Customers started paying attention to the labels on products in the supermarket. Their buying habits started to change the type and quality of products that the big chains were selling.

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