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This dream has been a long time in the making. My brother and I had ideas of owning our own business as teenagers. I grew up on a farm in central Alberta where we raised purebred Red Angus cattle and farmed around 2000 acres of land. Lots of work but definitely a great childhood. As my final year of high school approached I started to think about what I would do. Even with the thoughts of owning a business I didn’t know how or what I could do so I ended up pursuing my pilots license after meeting an Air Canada pilot. This was naturally very exciting as flying is an amazing experience and I fell in love with it. Throughout my senior year of high school I trained enough hours to receive my Private Pilot’s license and gained acceptance to Mount Royal College. While I was in college I had my first experience with a Multi-Level marketing company. There is a lot of negativity that follows this industry around but I will say one feature that this particular company employed was the book of the month. I can honestly say that some of the books that I read through this program changed my life. Even though I was not successful with my marketing business I learned a lot. Fast forward a couple years and I find myself situated in a small community on the banks of the Arctic Ocean. It is not always easy to find your first job in aviation and as my luck would have it I got my start flying for a small family owned company servicing an area of Nunavut as an Air Ambulance. There were a lot of great things I can look back on from my time there but one thing I remember is the feeling of wanting to start something of my own. My brother and I would talk about what we could do. We ended up settling on a Fast Food Franchise. This all took place as my time up north was ending and I was moving down to Edmonton to start a new job. My brother was going to manage the restaurant and I would help when I could. The excitement of this new venture didn’t last long though as we quickly realised that we did not pick the best location or the best franchise. I started to look around and ended up attending a weekend course on real estate. This led us down the path of house flipping. I took the lead on this as my brother was dealing with selling the restaurant. I found real estate to be a lot more enjoyable and profitable. There was the excitement of searching for the next property, planning all the reno’s, managing the different trades and then seeing the final product. I was able to do this while flying too which was nice. However, as I look back I should have quit my flying job and pursued my dream at that time but didn’t. Fast forward 9 years and I found myself in the perfect position as I was laid off from my flying job due to Covid and now had my chance to start a business and run it full time. We spent several months refining the details of the business plan, product selection and finding a suitable location. It all comes down to execution and taking everything I’ve learned over the years to build something great.


Our bakers are a dedicated and passionate group. Collectively, they have over 17 years of experience in the local and international culinary industry. This experience encompasses the disciplines of bread baking, fine pastries and cakes, ice creams, confections and chocolates. Whether creating high-end plated desserts for a restaurant seating 50 people or serving a banquet of 500 – 1000 people, our bakers have satisfied the discriminating expectations of guests and patrons. Their skills also extend to making personal or company events memorable and extra special – from custom-made cakes for weddings, baby showers or retirements to specially designed cakes for company promotions or product launches. Our bakers look forward to satisfying guests’ wishes and requests to the best of their abilities.

Now, these Fuzion bakers are welcoming Edmonton to a world of special and memorable donuts!