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Tune in to our YouTube channel to find out how we got here, and where we go from here. Thank you!

What is the purpose of your vlog?

These are videos published on the fuziondonuts.com website and the Fuzion Donuts YouTube channel to help us reach as wide of an audience as we can. For each video we pick a topic that is related to baking and is something that we hope our audience would find interesting and potentially learn from. You will also find videos from our bakery. I wanted to document the start of the journey from the day we took possession of our space, the renovation, and the ongoing operation with our equipment and team.

Why did you start publishing videos?

At Fuzion Donuts we are passionate about donuts and baking. We believe that baking and baked goods can bring joy and happiness to any occasion and we love to spread that feeling in any way we can. Some of our videos are instructive and can teach you tips on how to improve your baking at home. We have videos talking about interesting bakeries in Edmonton and other cities in Canada that we’ve tried or would like to try and perhaps if you are in one of those cities you can test out their wares. Others cover our actual bakery. There are some timelapse videos that show you the transformation of the space when we first took possession and others that will show the day to day operation.

Who are these videos for?

These videos are for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge about baking, learn about some interesting spots or follow our journey and be a part of our story. This is a dream come true for us and we wanted to share it with our fans.

Can I watch these videos and make my donuts at home?

We do delve into some of the details about frying donuts at home. It would certainly be a fun activity to do with friends or your kids. There are lots of interesting ideas you can test when making donuts. Perhaps you can experiment with cake donuts one time and the different flavors of batters and toppings. Next you might try your hand at the more complicated yeast donut. If you do, a tip is to make sure that when you are proofing the dough you keep some humidity in the area that you are using. Donut dough is a little more finicky than working with bread and likes it warm and moist. Maybe you’re celiac and want to try your hand at a gluten free donut. We would love to see and hear how you make out. Feel free to share with us the fun you had.

Who are the people in the videos?

In the earlier videos you will find the owner Tahner Friedley and Trevor from the marketing team hamming it up trying our best to hopefully impart some wisdom and laughs. Later there are video of Tahner and also some of our team members while they work their magic.

What if I have a topic I would like discussed?

We would be happy to consider your topic for a future video on the show. The best way to bring forward a topic, is to leave a comment on one of the shows on the YouTube channel or message us on one of our social media channels.