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The vision that Fuzion donuts Edmonton had. When they started their bakery, was giving people great, gourmet donuts. At the peak of their freshness. And ensuring that wherever they lived, was not a barrier to getting them.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

That is what started this great doughnut shop. However, in order to make that dream a reality. They need to ensure that they had the best donuts possible. They partnered with a Master Baker.

And then developed their own recipes. In order to ensure the recipes were perfect. They had to figure out. What they wanted in the perfect donuts. They had to figure out. What would make the best doughnut for them.

And so they decided, that the parameters would be. That the doughnut itself. Had to be soft and fluffy. And melt in your mouth, but robust enough. To hold lots of toppings. And lots of fillings.

The dough also had to be not too sweet. So that it would not overpower. The toppings and fillings they wanted to put into the donuts. Then, they decided that rather than having one type of donuts.

They would have both yeast risen donuts. As well as cake donuts, so they had to perfect both base recipes. Once fuzion donuts Edmonton was done. They had the best base donuts.

They had to figure out the flavours, fillings and toppings. That they wanted to share with. The people of Edmonton. They wanted donuts that had never been created before. But in flavours that people were familiar with.

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They grabbed inspiration from everywhere. From their favourite teas, two favourite desserts. Chocolate bars, and favourite flavoured profiles. What they came up with, is what they call the Fuzion dozen.

In all of the yeast risen donuts, there is a beautiful, light and flavorful custard. Flavoured to complement whatever toppings they put on the donuts. In all of the cake donuts, the cake has been flavoured directly.

To match whatever toppings the donuts had. In all of the donuts, they use the freshest ingredients. As well as the highest quality ingredients. In order to achieve that consistently. They partnered with local producers.

That way, not only could they be supporting local. And helping drive the local economy. That they could also get the highest quality products. The closest to their shop. And the freshest ingredients as well.

If it is chocolate, they only use the highest quality chocolate. If it is fruit, has to be the freshest. Whether it is milk, creams or even nuts. They use the best ingredients. So that the donuts taste amazing.

Then, they wanted to ensure. That people could get the donuts. At the peak of freshness. No matter when they wanted to order them. The problem with most bakeries these days.

Is that people order donuts and can only get them fresh in the morning. As the bakery stops making donuts. Early in the morning. And once they are sold out, that is it for donuts for the day.

Therefore, using fresh ingredients. Baking on demand. And then hand delivering their donuts to customers. The dream of fresh gourmet donuts from fuzion donuts edmonton. Is now a reality.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Taste These Unique Donuts Right Away

When people visit Fuzion donuts Edmonton, they will be gobs back. With how many different gourmet flavours there are. There are twelve flavours at any given time. And while there are some standard donuts.

They like to switch the menu up often. So that people are always getting a taste. Of something new, and exciting. The donuts that make up what is called the Fuzion dozen, are all amazing in flavoured.

Inspired by favourite desserts, chocolate bars. People’s favourite tea flavours, and gourmet tastes put together. The results, is a cohesive dozen donuts. That taste as good as the others.

They also have several yeast risen donuts. As well as cake donuts. Because let us be honest, can anyone pick. One favourite type of donuts? The cake donuts that they have on offer.

Our extremely delightful, and will have a fan in everyone who tastes them. Fuzion donuts Edmonton decided on to seasonal tastes. For the cake donuts, one is everyone’s favourite fall flavoured, pumpkin spice.

The cake itself is spiced with pumpkin pie seasoning. And then, the entire doughnut is glazed. In a delicious layer of pumpkin spiced goodness. Any time the wind blows, and the leaves turn colour.

People should be sure to grab one of these amazing donuts. However, when fall turns to winter. Everyone’s thoughts turned to Christmas. Which is where the candycane special doughnut comes next.

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This doughnut is chocolate in its cake base. Then, dipped in chocolate topping. And then sprinkled with crashed candy canes. I have heard that this is the favourite doughnut of Santa Claus himself.

The other two cake donuts rounding out this batch is the cherries and chocolate donuts. That gets its inspiration from the favourite, and famous black forest cake. A rich chocolate cake donuts.

Is heaped full of homemade cherry toppings. Before smothered in even more chocolate, and icing sugar. The last cake doughnut is a cardamom honeycomb. Cardamom is rarely used spice.

But smells wonderful in this chocolate cake doughnut. That is topped with crisp honeycomb. To make a delightful, and unique combination. That people are not going to find in any other doughnut shop.

The yeast risen donuts are just as popular. And contain a hidden surprise. Of light, and not too sweet custard. This offsets the often crisp and crunchy topping. Making these donuts a delight for the tastebuds.

As well as the senses, as crisp topping. It meets creamy inside. They have got flavours such as lemon cream time meringue, strawberry cheesecake. Hazelnut praline, coconuts, pistachio rose.

Which is a unique, and exotic flavoured combination. Where creamy pistachio custard fills the inside. As a rose flavoured pink icing. Covers the outside. There are candied edible rose petals on top. For unique, and tasty treats.

People should be sure to try the match of flavoured doughnut, apple cheddar streusel and silky caramel. That gains its inspiration from an extremely popular chocolate bar. There is literally something for everyone at Fuzion donuts Edmonton.