Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Unique Doughnut Flavours

While Fuzion donuts Edmonton has decided. To elevate the donut eating experience. For citizens of this city. By bringing gourmet doughnuts. Delivered fresh, and made to order.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

Because they realized, that while more donuts are consumed here. Than anywhere else in the world. What was lacking, or high quality donuts. Made with high quality ingredients. And delivered, when people wanted them. And not only when they were available.

Therefore, they partnered with a Master Baker. And worked tirelessly, creating the perfect recipe. This took a lot of trial and error. In order to come up with their signature doughnuts. The result, is the perfect dope.

That is light and fluffy, that melts in your mouth. However, it is sturdy enough to hold toppings made of fudge, nuts and caramel. This is for their yeast raised donuts. But they are not content to offer just one variety.

They also have cake donuts, that are flavorful, and that have a delicate crumb. The holes in these doughnuts, are perfect for filling with delightful toppings. Such as candied cherries, and the chocolate and cherries cake doughnuts.

When coming up with great flavours of doughnuts. They wanted something that would be familiar. A flavoured that people would be eager to try. But flavours that are not currently available on the market in doughnuts.

The end result, or what they call the Fuzion donuts dozen. Twelve flavours, that will be there standard dozen. While different varieties, make their appearance on the website. Only for a short time.

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When people placed the order on the website. The bakers will get to work, ensuring that the doughnuts are made, fresh and to order. And then delivered within the peak of their consumption time.

Some of the donuts that people can look forward to meeting includes the apple cheddar streusel. This fresh apple cinnamon doughnut. Is topped with sharp cheddar cheese, for a unique flavours.

That is not only new and exciting on a doughnuts. But a flavoured that people have come to love and adore. This one-of-a-kind doughnut, is a must try. The second doughnut that people can taste test.

Is called the silky caramel. Modelled after a famous chocolate bar. This yeast raised doughnut. Has a velvety, luscious caramel filling. That provides the perfect complement. To the rich chocolate glaze, insulted pain at topping.

People will say that this doughnut, really satisfies. The match a flavoured doughnut, is one that people who love green tea. Are going to have to try. There is a delicate match a crumb on top of the donut.

That is filled with a green tea flavoured custard. Another favourite doughnuts from Fuzion donuts Edmonton. That people are going to discover is the hazelnut praline.

A delicate praline wafer sits atop of this yeast raised doughnut. That has a creamy hazelnut chocolate filling. The only decision that people are going to have to make. When they place their order with Fuzion donuts Edmonton.

Is how many dozen doughnuts are they going to get? And are they going to share? Just kidding, the answer to that question is obviously no.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Meet Our Unique Doughnut Flavours

One thing that sets Fuzion donuts Edmonton apart from their competition. Is that they have some of the most interesting and unique doughnut flavours. Of course this starts with high quality ingredients.

And only the best recipes. They put these delightful flavours. On top of tried and tested doughnut bases. I yeast raised doughnut. That is light and fluffy. But sturdy enough to hold the fillings.

And a cake donut, that has a delightful texture. But not to filling, so that people can eat a doughnut. Without feeling bloated. They wanted to ensure that they had doughnuts at Fuzion donuts Edmonton.

To delight every doughnut connoisseur. No matter what type of doughnuts they prefer. Starting with the two seasonal favourites, pumpkin glazed doughnuts. And candy cane peak doughnuts. Any time the wind blows.

In the leaves start to fall off the tree. Canadians cannot get enough of pumpkin spiced everything. This cake doughnut, starts with a warm pumpkin pie cake. And then, adds a pumpkin pie spice to the topping.

It does not matter if this is basic. People love pumpkin spice. And will love this doughnut. Once the leaves are off the tree, and the snow begins to fly. Peoples thoughts turned to Christmas.

Which is where this doughnut gets its inspiration from. The chocolate cake doughnut, is then dipped in even more chocolate. And laid delicately in a crust of crushed candy cane.

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Chocolate and peppermint is sure to delight. People of all ages, and make them reminisce of Christmas time. In fact, we have heard from our sources. That this is Santa Claus’s favourite doughnut as well. Coho hold indeed.

The rest of the cake donuts, are inspired by delicious delicacies. Starting with the cherries and chocolate cake doughnuts. Again, this cake donut is chocolate in flavoured. And has flavours inspired by.

The favourite German delicacy, black forest cake. The moist cake holds the cherry filling, and then is dusted with even more chocolate on top. This is definitely a doughnut that people are going to need to try.

And the final cake doughnut that people need to try is the cardamom honeycomb. Cardamom is such a unique labouring. And it perfumes these chocolate cake doughnuts. While delicate honeycomb candies decorate the top.

This is a wonderful textured doughnuts. That people are going to enjoy, time and time again. They also have several yeast raised doughnuts. Inspired by our favourite desserts.

Such as the strawberry cheesecake, the lemon meringue doughnut. Do not forget the coconut macaroon, and apple cheddar streusel doughnuts. All twelve of these doughnuts are packaged up.

In what is called diffusion doughnut dozen. People can order this online, at Fuzion donuts.com. And the only other decision that people need to make. Is how many dozen doughnuts they are going to get.

We recommend getting more than one dozen. So that when someone takes the one you wanted to try. You will still have another box to eat from Fuzion donuts Edmonton.