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Canadians are no strangers to donuts says it Fuzion donuts Edmonton. With Canadians eating more donuts per capita. Than any other country on earth.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

Which means starting a donut shop in this country. It is an absolute no-brainer. Especially when they discovered. That there were several problems. With the current donut shops in Canada.

The first problem is that many bakeries. Only bake once a day. Starting at around 4 o’clock in the morning. They bake all morning. And then sell whatever they have made.

If they are a popular bakery, then they typically. Sell out of their baked goods very early. Which means, if people want a delicious and fresh donut. They need to hurry, and to get to the bakery before they sell out.

Even then, that means they must have the time. To get to the bakery. And to wait around in line. And even if they do, if the bakery sells out early. They will be out of luck.

If people want fresh donuts later in the day. For example at noon, the afternoon. Or even into the evening. They virtually have no options. Unless they visit one of the chain donut restaurants.

Made popular for their delicious coffee. And donut pairings, this chain donut shop. Seems to have popped up on every corner in every Canadian city. However, the donuts that they serve.

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Leave a lot to be desired. They are made with inexpensive ingredients. And no longer are they made fresh in house anymore says Fuzion donuts Edmonton. They are often delivered frozen to each location.

And all they have to do is bake it in the oven, which means the quality is lacking. And while these of the donuts that Canadians consume most. Fuzion donuts Edmonton says people who truly love donuts.

Deserve something better, and higher quality. Therefore, they came up with their idea for gourmet donuts, delivered. They opted to take orders, twenty-four hours a day. As well as seven days a week.

And by committing to have longer operating hours. Not only are they open earlier. And stay open later. They ensure that they make all of their donuts to order. Therefore if someone orders donuts at eight in the morning.

And someone else orders donuts at 8 o’clock in the evening. Both customers will get fresh made donuts. And in order to ensure that people would get these donuts. At the peak of their freshness.

Fuzion donuts decided to bring a delivery service. Into their business model. Therefore, not only do they ensure. That people do not have to find their way to a bricks and mortar bakery.

But they can also ensure that the donuts are delivered. At the peak of their freshness. Ensuring that people not only get a delicious gourmet doughnut. That it tastes the absolute best that it could.

In addition to delivering gourmet donuts. They have opted to keep their price point low. So that people can get these delightful gourmet donuts, delivered. For the same price that people would pay, if they had to go and pick up donuts somewhere else.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Try These Delicious Gourmet Donuts Now

It is no secret according to Fuzion donuts Edmonton. That Canadians love donuts. With over one billion donuts being consumed last year alone. It makes sense that a gourmet doughnut bakery.

Would do well in this country. Especially since many of the other bakeries that exist. Our chain restaurants, that have low quality donuts. Made with inferior ingredients. And are unimaginative in flavours.

That is why Fuzion donuts Edmonton teamed up with a Master Baker. Who not only had their own recipes. But who also developed their own flavours. Based on their own market research.

However, they are not just content. To offer a few flavours. And call it a day. The team at Fuzion donuts Edmonton wants to ensure. That they can consistently deliver. Flavours to amaze, and to delight.

Even the most discerning doughnut connoisseurs. Which is why they have their donuts available on a rotating basis. Having one dozen flavours available at a time. Ensures that they can showcase.

The Master Baker’s skills. And delight their customers. While ensuring that flavours never feel. As though they have become stale, or expected. However, they will have a wide variety of flavours to offer.

That will appeal to even the most diverse doughnut fans. They will have flavours available. Such as Apple cheddar streusel. Which is favourite flavoured. Apples, cinnamon and pastry.

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While also delivering something gourmet such as the pistachio rose donuts. This doughnut is as pretty to look at, as it is delicious to eat says Fuzion donuts. First of all, the frosting is lightly pink.

And it is flavoured with the delicate labour of rosewater. As well, it is decorated with edible and candied rose petals. And pistachio nuts. The inside of this fried doughnut is a custard filling.

That has the light and not too sweet flavoured of pistachios. Not only is this amazing and gourmet. But the flavoured is delightful and unexpected. Another one of their gourmet selections at Fuzion donuts.

Is the cardamom honeycomb donuts. This one is different, a chocolate and cardamom flavoured cake doughnut. Topped with a delightful honeycomb candy. This one, is assured to be a favourite for many.

They also have a wide selection of donuts. Inspired by our favourite desserts. From strawberry cheesecake, to lemon meringue. As well as the coconut macaroon doughnut.

And even a doughnut that has been inspired by Canada’s favourite chocolate bar. The even work to ensure that they have seasonal offerings available. Currently that means there is a pumpkin spice cake doughnut.

As well as a chocolate candy cane donut. That brings to mind Emery’s and thoughts of Christmas. If people have a favourite doughnut that they do not want to give up. They can give that feedback right to the Fuzion donuts team.

They have a QR code printed on the inside of their boxes. That will allow people to vote for their favourite flavoured. Ensuring that it makes repeated returned to their menu.