Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Treat Your Family With Donuts

When people visit Fuzion donuts Edmonton. They are going to notice, that it is a unique bakery. Not only are they offering gourmet doughnuts. But they offer to have them delivered. For the same price as other gourmet bakeries.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

However, what they get with Fuzion donuts. Is a premium dozen donuts. That are unlike any others. Handmade by a master baker. With proprietary recipes. And doughnuts, that are never stale.

The reason why they are never stale is because they are baked to order. The reason why they were baked to order according to Fuzion donuts owner, Tanner freed Lee. Is because he saw the problem that many people had

That they could not get doughnuts at their own convenience. There were also freshly made. People would either have to wake up early. And a race to the bakery. In order to get doughnuts, while they were fresh.

But if they could not get to the bakery in time. Or, they wanted doughnuts later in the day. They would simply have to make do. With less than fresh doughnuts. Or, alternatively doughnuts that were completely stale.

He thought that this was unacceptable, especially coming from a country. That is the unofficial world leader in donut consumption. More Canadians eat more doughnuts per capita. Then any other country in the world.

Polishing off an amazing one billion doughnuts/juror alone. And while Canadians are experts in eating doughnuts. There seems to be a lack of delicious and gourmet places to eat doughnuts. Usually having to make do with doughnuts.

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From a chain restaurants, where the quality is low. The ingredients are cheap. And they do not even make the doughnuts in their location. This is why Fuzion donuts the company was created.

In order to facilitate donuts being made on demand. Fuzion donuts requests that people order online. People can order twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And shoes delivery options. Earlier, as well as later. Then most bakeries.

You have an event, happening at 8 o’clock at night? Fuzion donuts Edmonton can have fresh donuts delivered directly to you. Do you have a work meeting, that starts early in the morning? Fuzion donuts can deliver as well. No matter what your needs are, Fuzion donuts has you covered for fresh, gourmet doughnuts. Any time the mood hits you.

When people are ready to order, all they have to do is visit the website, located at www. Fuzion donuts.com. You can place orders by the dozen, getting one of every delicious gourmet flavoured. In every single box. The more you order, a cheaper per dozen eight gets. Which makes the only question you need to be asking yourself. Is how many dozen doughnuts should you get?

Ideally, get more than one dozen. Because when you try one flavoured. The other people in your party are going to want to try that exact same flavoured themselves.

When people are ready to elevate their experience and doughnuts, all they have to do is visit Fuzion donuts edmonton. And get gourmet donuts, whenever they crave.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Treating Your Family With Gourmet Doughnuts

What sets Fuzion donuts Edmonton apart from their competition. Is not only the fact that they are the first donut delivery company. But also that they offer unique, and gourmet doughnuts as well.

Not contented to just deliver the same old type of doughnuts. They wanted to bring gourmet doughnuts to the masses in Edmonton. They partnered up with master baker, who developed recipes.

Specifically for Fuzion doughnuts. And developed varying flavours, based on their own market research. This means, not only do they have some of the most unique flavours of doughnuts on the market.

But they are flavours, that are unheard of anywhere else. Some of the flavours, are inspired by chocolate bars, and our favourite childhood desserts. But then, there are the unique and gourmet selections. Thought up only out of the brains, of the founders of this doughnuts company. For example, there is an apple cheddar streusel doughnuts. That tastes almost as good as the original pastry.

They also have the silky caramel donuts, which is inspired. By a Snickers candy bar. The silky caramel sits inside this light and fluffy doughnuts. While dark chocolate and peanuts are topping it.

There is the strawberry cheesecake doughnuts. Which has Graham crumbs, and strawberry compost dripped across the top, complete with fresh strawberries. With a delectable cheesecake filling inside.

People who have taste tested this one says it is filling without being heavy. And it is delicious, without being too sweet. Another doughnuts, that was inspired by our favourite desserts is the lemon meringue doughnuts.

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The lemon filling, is light and delicious. While the meringue topping, is flavoured with time. To give it a unique and elevated taste. To make it more than just a worrying doughnuts. The cake donut, called cherries and chocolate.

Was inspired by Black Forest cake. The cake donut, is chocolate. And the centre has been stuffed with cherries, and then topped with shaved chocolate. People who love doughnuts, and cake will love this one.

They even have doughnuts that are inspired by the holidays. Everyone knows, that when the leaves start to fall off the tree. People love pumping and spice flavoured everything.

Therefore, Fuzion donuts Edmonton has pumpkin spiced doughnuts. This delightful little cake doughnuts, is sure to satisfy your craving for all things pumpkin spiced.

They also have chocolate cake donut, that has been topped with crushed candy cane. This is a perfect doughnuts, to eat while snow was falling from the sky, and listening to Christmas carols.

The best thing about these flavours according to Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Is that every month, the flavours get swapped out. And people get to try a brand-new batch of delectable gourmet doughnuts.

When people are ready, all they have to do is visit the website at fuziondoughnuts.com. Order a dozen, or two. And then sit back, relax and wait for the doughnuts to be delivered directly to their door.