Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Tasty Donut Flavours

While Canadians are no stranger to donuts, Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Once to bring gourmet doughnuts. To the people of this city. And while there may be lots of doughnut bakeries in this city.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

But there are not, are gourmet doughnut bakeries. That will bake donuts to order. And then hand-deliver them to you, while they are still fresh. This is the vision that they have at Fuzion donuts.

While more Canadians eat doughnuts. To than any other country in the world. With over a billion donuts consumed nationally last year. Fuzion donuts Edmonton saw a common problem.

In that people could not get fresh donuts whenever they wanted. Either having to fight their way to the bakery. Before they sold out. Or, be subjected to low-quality doughnuts. From chain restaurants.

Everyone can agree that donuts taste best when they are fresh. And when it comes to elevating your experience. With gourmet doughnuts, they pretty much have to be eaten fresh. Otherwise, there is no point.

This is the driving goal of Fuzion donuts. However, before they could start offering gourmet doughnuts. To the people of this city. They knew they had to come up with the recipe. That was second to none.

That is why they partnered with a Master Baker. And created every single recipe specifically. For Fuzion donuts Edmonton. That way, they would own every recipe.

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And nobody could get these same flavours, or textures anywhere else. In order to have an amazing doughnuts, not only do you need a great recipe. But you need the highest quality ingredients. That are used, when they are at their freshest.

Fuzion donuts found local suppliers and producers. In order to get the freshest ingredients. And support local whenever they could. By using the highest quality ingredients, and using them.

When they are at the freshest, they could create a doughnut, that has unparalleled quality and taste. Not being satisfied. To offer just one style of doughnut. They tweaked a yeast raised recipe.

Until it was perfect. Does that was not too sweet. That was sturdy enough to hold a custard filling. But light enough, to melt in your mouth. And while yeast raised doughnuts, are very popular.

Many people also love a cake style doughnuts. That has a delicious, balanced flavoured. With the delicate crumb. Once they have perfected these bases, the bakers at Fuzion donuts.

Could start adding flavorful fillings and toppings. They wanted to come across ideas. That had never been done in a doughnut before. While still maintaining flavoured profiles. The people are familiar with, to give them an upscale spin.

On their favourite comfort food. They drew inspiration from chocolate bars, cookies and our favourite childhood snacks. As well as our favourite desserts. And made them into doughnut form. And then, elevated them to a gourmet level.

The only decision that people need to make. When they visit their website. Is how many donuts they should get. Surely, one dozen is never going to be enough.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Our Tastiest Doughnut Flavours

When creating a gourmet do not let for the masses, Fuzion donuts Edmonton drew inspiration. From everywhere they could. Looking at favourite candy bars, cookies, pies and cakes.

In order to find the inspiration. For what they call their Fuzion doughnut dozen. Flavours that would bring a familiar comfort of home. Done in a way, that elevates the donut eating experience.

To something that is gourmet, and unique. Starting with a base of a yeast raised doughnuts. They knew they wanted to add custard. To this light and airy style of Gillette. To add complex flavoured profiles and textures.

The first doughnut they decided upon. Was the apple cheddar streusel. Streusel’s are a very popular pastry. Where there is apples, cinnamon. And cheddar cheese. Nothing can be more Canadian, a?

Not only do they have cheddar topping this delicious doughnut. But a fresh apple cinnamon filling. Delights as soon. As people bite into this delicious doughnut. Anyone who is a fan of streusel’s, will love this one.

Next on the list is the silky caramel. Inspired by a Snickers candy bar. They inserted a luscious and velvety caramel filling. To this yeast raised doughnuts. And then topped it with salty peanuts, and rich dark chocolate.

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Like the candy bar slogan says, this one will really satisfy you. Third on the list is the match of flavoured donuts. Those who have not heard about match. It is a green tea powder. That is gaining popularity.

Not content to just top this light and airy doughnut with a magic crumble. The Master Baker created a green tea flavoured custard. To complete this match flavoured delight. Those who love green tea, will love this one.

The coconut doughnut is possibly one of the crowd favourites. Because who does not love coconut? Crunchy coconut macaroons top this donuts. And provide an excellent backdrop for the creamy coconut flavoured filling.

This one is not only a delight of taste. But if textures, as creamy and crunchy meet in the middle. Next on the list is the hazelnut praline doughnut. People who love chocolate hazelnut spread, should take note.

A delicate praline crisp adorns the top of this doughnut. With the first bite, a hazelnut chocolate filling. Ads delight, as well as emerging crunchy and creamy together. This one is a throwback to childhood!

Another inspiration for Fuzion donuts Edmonton is strawberry cheesecake. And they decided to reimagine one as a doughnut. A delightful light cream cheese filling. Is the star of this show.

While fresh strawberries and Graham cracker crumbles. Adorn the top of this magical donuts. The last of the yeast raised doughnuts. Is the lemon cream meringue. While the lemon inside is delicately flavoured.

The star of this particular doughnut at Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Is the crisp meringue, that has time sprinkled on top. It is definitely a unique taste. That will delight doughnut eaters of all kinds. Order your dozen now, before you regret it!