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The vision of Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Is comfort when you crave. That is the reason why they have developed. Such a unique model for donut bakery in this city. They saw many problems when it came to doughnuts.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

Such as people could not get. Freshly made doughnuts at their own convenience. Popular bakeries, selling high-end baked goods. Often sold out early. Or, they would have to make do.

With doughnuts that have been sitting out all day, at chain donut shops. It is virtually impossible. For people to get fresh and doughnuts. When they crave, if the craving hits. At midmorning, afternoon or evening.

This is how Fuzion donuts Edmonton was created. They wanted to ensure. That not only could people get high quality donuts. Whenever they wanted those donuts, but that the donuts should be made fresh and to order.

And then to ensure that people could get those donuts whenever they wanted. They would deliver doughnuts to their customers. This also filled the problem, of forcing customers. To visit their bricks and mortar location.

Which means they can serve more customers. More easily, by taking orders and offering delivery. They wanted to ensure that delivery was not a problem of their products. Which means they are offering one dozen donuts.

For the same price as their competitors. And that includes the delivery charge. Which means people do not have to pay any extra. In order to get the delicious and fresh doughnuts delivered to their home or office.

They also want to ensure that the doughnuts that they are making. Our superior. By making doughnuts with high quality ingredients. Hand making the doughnuts, in-house with a Master Baker.

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And ensuring that the donuts are delivered at their peak of freshness. While their vision is comfort when you crave. The mission of Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Is handmade, fresh, delivered.

They also strive to do things a little bit differently says there founder Tanner freely. Because they are continually improving their processes. From continually learning how to do their job better.

Improving and refining all processes. And empowering every team member. To take responsibility. And improve themselves. They ensure that every team member that is making doughnuts. Is doing the best job possible.

As well, they wanted to ensure. That they were not just delivering fresh doughnuts. They wanted to elevate everyone’s donut eating experience. By creating their own flavours. To tantalize and delight.

Even the most discerning donut connoisseur. Where most chain bakeries. Would have standard flavours such as honey dipped, chocolate covered and sprinkles. Fuzion donuts wants to give gourmet selections.

Such as pistachio rose, hazelnut praline. As well as the ever popular cardamom honeycomb doughnuts. While having high quality ingredients. And handmade doughnuts is great. It was not good enough for Fuzion.

By striving to ensure that they could offer. Donuts later in the day. Then any other bakery. They ensure that they become the premium and go to bakery. For everyone’s favourite doughnuts.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | You Should Be Eating Gourmet Donuts Right Now

The reason why Fuzion donuts Edmonton opened a bakery. In a city, that eats more doughnuts. Then any other country in the world. Is for that very reason. Canadians and Edmonton only ends absolutely love their doughnuts.

And while they love their doughnuts. They often cannot get fresh doughnuts. Or, unique and gourmet flavours. For country that consumes over one billion donuts the year. There should be better selections says Fuzion donuts owner.

Therefore, they decided that when they started their own bakery in Edmonton. They would offer such a wide variety of flavours. And styles of doughnuts. That there would always be something new to delight.

And tempt any donut eater, no matter what their preferences are. That is why they hired a Master Baker to work with them. And not only developed their own recipes. But developed their own flavours.

Based on their own market research. As well as by researching what flavours were available. To customers in the area, and what some of the most. Sought after flavours would be.

They also wanted to ensure. That the selection never became stale, boring or expected. Which is why they rotate their flavours. On a consistent basis. So that there is always something new to try.

Currently on the Fuzion donuts website, www.fuziondonuts.com. People can try. A dozen different, and delightful doughnuts. They have many different styles of doughnuts. From the typical fried doughnuts.

Two doughnuts with a custard filling. And the ever popular cake doughnuts. All with flavours, inspired by a number of different things. From favourite desserts, candy bars, and drinks.

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Two gourmet flavours, sure to elevate anyone’s donuts eating experience. And seasonal selections. To help people get in the mood. Of whatever the current season is.

One of the most popular doughnuts right now is the match of flavoured doughnut says Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Not only does it have a match a crumb topping. That has a delightful taste of green tea.

But the green tea flavoured custard inside. Is not too heavy. As well as not too sweet. Making this a perfect after dinner doughnut. For people who love green tea. Another doughnut that people should be sure to try.

Is the apple cheddar streusel. Modelled after the favourite pastry, this apple flavoured doughnut. Has an apple streusel topping. And a delightful custard filling. The silky caramel doughnut is inspired by a famous candy bar.

Topped with peanuts and dark chocolate. This doughnut has a delicious caramel filling. That one bite, will inspire everyone to think of. The chocolate bar that it was modelled after.

There are also many different flavours inspired by favourite desserts. Such as the coconut macaroon, strawberry cheesecake. As well as the cherries and chocolate doughnuts.

Modelled after the Black Forest cake that everyone knows and loves. When people choose doughnuts at Fuzion donuts Edmonton, they will notice. That there is a quantity discount.

The more dozen donuts people purchase. The cheaper each dozen gets. Which means the only question that people need to ask. Is how many dozen should they get?