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While Canadians have eaten one billion donuts last year according to Fuzion donuts Edmonton. What they have not eaten, are enough gourmet inspired donuts. While Canada continues to be the world leader in donut consumption.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

Most of the donuts Canadians are consuming. Have been made by chain restaurants. That use low quality ingredients. And using inferior baking techniques. While Canadians love doughnuts.

Canadians deserve to be eating delicious. And a high quality baked goods. Which is why Fuzion donuts Edmonton started. Not content to allow Edmonton only ends to eat low quality and unimaginative desserts.

They created the idea for not only a gourmet bakery. That would bring high quality donuts. Made with high-end ingredients. Handmade with love. But unique flavours, that are sure to delight and inspire every fan.

However, they also understood. That there is an inherent problem with doughnuts in this city. The biggest problem, is that most bakeries. Only baked doughnuts once a day. Early in the morning, which means if people want.

Fresh donuts, they must eat them in the morning. And by them, for the bakery sells out. If they decide to have a lower quality donuts. From a chain donut restaurant for example. Then, they can get stale donuts.

Later on in the day. Those doughnuts are cheaply made. And are already stale says Fuzion donuts. Instead, they created a concept of the bakery. That will accept orders, twenty-four hours a day.

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And then baked doughnuts on a as-needed basis. Which means, they are not making too many. And then hoping they sell out. They have many different shifts of baking throughout the day.

So that whenever someone wants donuts. Those doughnuts will be made, to order and will be fresh. Therefore, people can not only order twenty-four hours a day. They can choose.

When they want there doughnuts ready for. So if they have a birthday party in the evening. Or a work function at noon. They can order the donuts in advance. And specify when they want doughnuts ready.

So that an event at 8 o’clock in the evening. Will have donuts. As fresh as an early morning meeting. At eight in the morning for example. However, Fuzion donuts Edmonton also recognizes.

That people may have a problem getting those doughnuts. When they want them, especially if they are wanting them. In the middle of the day. Which is why they implemented. A delivery system as well.

That way, note only will the donuts be made to order. They will also be delivered at their peak of freshness. Meaning people do not even have to leave the comfort of their home or office.

In order to have fresh, gourmet doughnuts on hand. They also partnered with a Master Baker. Who developed their own, unique recipes. So that the doughnuts are not only made. With high quality ingredients.

They are flavours, that nobody else will experience at any other bakery. They also wanted to ensure. That they could showcase as many flavours as possible. So customers should check back often, to see what flavours are on offer now.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Eat Gourmet Doughnuts Often

Despite the fact that Canadians love doughnuts says Fuzion donuts Edmonton. There is a frustrating lack of gourmet bakeries. Offering this favourite unofficial desert of the country. While they are more donut shops per capita.

In Canada than any other country in the world. Most of these bakeries are chain restaurants. That have low quality donuts. Cheaply made, in flavours that are lacklustre says Fuzion donuts Edmonton.

Therefore, Fuzion donuts created their model. Of high quality, handmade. And gourmet flavours of doughnuts. That they will deliver to their customers. They rationalized that if people can get.

Things like their groceries, their clothing and vehicles. Delivered online. They should be able to get gourmet donuts delivered as well. They partnered with a Master Baker, who has been working hard.

Two develop a wide variety of flavours. They have many different options to choose from. But what is even more amazing. Is that they change the flavours on a monthly basis. So that even the most dedicated donut fan.

Will not get bored with the ever-changing selection. At Fuzion donuts Edmonton online. The flavours range in variety. From typical fried donuts, to cake donuts. Flavours inspired by the seasons.

And flavours inspired by our favourite desserts and drinks. For example, people who love tea are going to love. The green tea inspired match of flavoured doughnuts. A green tea match a tops this donut.

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That has a delicate green tea flavoured custard. In the centre, so that people who need. Their daily dose of green tea, will not be disappointed. Next, people can try the apple cheddar streusel donut.

That is a perfect rendition of this favourite dessert. An apple crumble topping, and a delightful custard filling. Will make this doughnuts. A fan favourite, for people who love not only streusel’s, apples in general.

Next on the list is the silky caravel donuts. This is inspired by the favourite chocolate bar called Snickers. It has a rich chocolate and peanut topping. With that caravel inside. That will make everyone feel as though they have taken a bite.

Of their favourite candy bar. The coconut inspired donuts. Has a crunchy coconut macaroon topping. As well as a lightly flavoured coconut custard inside. This one is definitely for the coconut levers.

They also have the strawberry cheesecake. Which is a perfect option. For people who love strawberries, cheesecakes or doughnuts. There is a strawberry compote on top. With a gram cracker crumble.

As well as a strawberry cheesecake filling. For people who are looking for a slightly elevated and gourmet experience. In their donuts, there is always the pistachio rose, and the cardamom honeycomb.

For people who are looking for more seasonal favourites. They can currently get the pumpkin glazed cake donuts. Or the ever popular chocolate candy cane. People who love donuts, should check back often.

As they are constantly rotating the flavours they have on offer. So that there is always something new to try.