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While anyone can get a standard, unimaginative doughnuts is Fuzion donuts Edmonton. What they hope to give the citizens of Edmonton. Is an elevated, inspired donut eating experience.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

According to statistics, Canada eats more donuts. Per capita than any other country in the world. Making Canada the unofficial donut capital of the world. In addition to that, there are more donut shops.

Per capita than any other country. And last year, Canadians eight in excess of one billion doughnuts. And while donuts seem to be our unofficial favourite dessert. A problem that exists in this country.

Is that there is a lack of high-quality gourmet donuts. For people to consume. They have a ton of low-quality options. Of donuts that have been made with cheap ingredients. And made inexpensively.

That have unimaginative and boring flavours. Or, less often there are bakeries. That have high quality products. But the problem with these bakeries according to Fuzion donuts Edmonton.

Is that they bake once in the day. Very early in the morning. Therefore, to get your hands on. High quality, delicious doughnut. That has not been made with cheap ingredients.

People have to get up extremely early. Visit the bakery, and cross their fingers. That they do not sell out before they get their doughnuts. If people want to donuts any other time of the day then first thing in the morning.

They have to settle on either low-quality doughnuts. Or, donuts that have been sitting around all day, getting stale. This is unacceptable to a doughnut connoisseur says Fuzion donuts Edmonton.

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And the idea for Fuzion donuts was born. Not only did they want to deliver high-quality donuts. Handmade with good quality ingredients. They wanted to bring unique flavours to the masses as well.

Not only that, but they believe that anybody. Should be able to get a doughnut whenever they wanted. Whether that is first thing in the morning, the afternoon or, even in the evening.

Which is why they created their system. Of accepting orders twenty-four hours a day. And then, creating their bake schedule. Around when people want their doughnuts.

To ensure that people can get the donuts they want, when they want them. Fuzion donuts decided the only way to do it, was to deliver them. In this day and age, people can get their groceries, clothing and even cars ordered and delivered online.

And yet, there is no bakery out there. Willing to deliver doughnuts. Therefore, not only will the donuts be made fresh to order. They will also be delivered at their peak freshness. So that they would always taste their very best.

When people are ready for a different doughnut experience. Or they are sick and tired of boring flavours. Made with low-quality ingredients. Or, having to settle on getting stale doughnut instead.

They should give Fuzion donuts a try. They can order online@fuziondonuts.com. And keep in mind, that for every dozen they order, they get a percentage off the next dozen.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | Eat Your Gourmet Donuts Today

While everybody has tried a do not that says Fuzion donuts Edmonton. The flavours that are available today. Our boring as well as unimaginative. And the team at Fuzion, wanted to deliver a different experience.

Not only did they hire a Master Baker, who has their own recipes. But they developed their very own flavours. Which means nobody else in Canada. Or even the world has these flavours of doughnuts.

Not content to have one style of doughnut either. The Master Baker developed flavours based around a traditional fried donut. As well as a cake style doughnuts. So that everyone can get a doughnut that they love.

They also developed a wide variety of flavours. Inspired in part by gourmet dishes. As well as our favourite childhood desserts. To give something unique to the donut eating experience.

The doughnuts that are inspired by our favourite childhood desserts include the lemon meringue doughnuts. That contains a delightful, but not too sweet lemon filling. It has been elevated in execution.

By giving the meringue topping, a gourmet twist with a time flavoured topping. But also, this still that is delicate, and not too sweet. So that people can eat an entire doughnut in one sitting.

Another doughnut inspired by a desert is the cake donut, cherries and chocolate. Inspired by black forest cakes, this cake doughnuts. Has a chocolate base. And then cherries lovingly placed in the middle.

With shaved chocolate topping the entire thing. There is also the silky caravel doughnuts. Inspired by the famous Snickers candy bar. It has a rich chocolate topping, with peanuts. And a care mall centre.

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There is the ever popular Apple cheddar streusel, that not only has an apple crumble on top. But a delightful Apple cinnamon filling. And the hazelnut praline doughnut. Has been inspired by.

Everyone’s favourite hazelnut chocolate spread called Nutella. Again, Fuzion donuts Edmonton has made it gourmet. By placing a delicate hazelnut wafer on top of this doughnut.

And then, filling the centre of this doughnut. With a delicious hazelnut chocolate spread. Finally, the strawberry cheesecake doughnut. Completes the childhood desert inspired doughnuts.

With strawberry compote on top, as well as Graham cracker crumbs. The strawberry cheesecake filling in the centre. Is sure to please anyone who loves strawberries, cheesecake. Or who simply love doughnuts.

They also have some gourmet selections, such as the pistachio rose doughnuts. This delicate doughnut has a rosewater flavoured frosting on top. With a very gentle pistachio custard filling.

Topping this evening doughnut is pistachio nuts, and edible candied rose petals. Another elevated gourmet doughnut. Is the Master Baker’s favourite, cardamom honeycomb.

This cake donut has card amount throughout the base. And then, honeycomb candy on top. There are also unique flavours such as the green tea flavoured doughnut, pumpkin glazed and chocolate candy cane.

And once people have experienced each one of these amazing doughnuts. They should come back next month, as Fuzion donuts Edmonton have something unique and different in store. Check back often, and try them all.