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Canadians continue to eat doughnuts in record numbers says Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Which is why it was a no-brainer. To set up their gourmet bakery in the city. However, they had a unique vision.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

For their doughnut bakery. They saw that while there are more donut shops here. Per capita than anywhere else in the world. There are still many problems when it comes to. Heading unique and delicious donuts.

For example, the first problem. Is that people cannot get freshly made to doughnuts. Whenever they want those donuts. Most bakeries because once a day. Starting at around 4 o’clock in the morning.

Once they open the doors to their bakery. If they sell out of the baked goods. They are not going to make anymore. They also do not want to and up throwing out any donuts that have not been sold.

By the end of the day, so they never make quite enough. To fill the entire demand in the market. That way, if people want fresh donuts. They need to hurry up, and get to the bakery. Nice and early.

Before they sell out, and then, cross their fingers. And hope that the bakery does not run out. Before they place their order. That means if people are craving donuts midmorning. Or even afternoon and evening.

They are completely out of luck says Fuzion donuts Edmonton. And even if they do manage to find a bakery. That has not sold out of their doughnuts by the afternoon or evening. The next problem is that the doughnuts they find.

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Will be completely stale by that time. Which means they no longer taste as good as they should. The second problem that Fuzion donuts Edmonton discovered. With the supply of donuts in the city.

Is that many of the bakeries that are offering doughnuts. Our chain restaurants, that produce low quality donuts inexpensively. And many of these chain restaurants. Do not even make, make the doughnuts in shop anymore.

Therefore, these donuts are poor quality. Made properly, and sold inexpensively. And while Canadians are eating up these donuts. Fuzion donuts knows there is a better way.

Therefore, the idea of donuts made order was born. They want to make gourmet donuts. With high quality ingredients. Made expertly by hand in their very own bakery. And then, to ensure their customers.

Get these donuts at the peak of freshness. Whenever they want, they deliver these donuts. To the customers, at the times that they have specified. That means they are always baking. And they always will have fresh donuts available.

If people are ready to taste the difference. That freshness, and high quality ingredients makes. They should visit the Fuzion donuts website, at www.fuziondonuts.com. In order to place their order, and taste the difference.

They will notice that they can order donuts by the dozen. And they will get a quantity discount. The more dozen donuts they order at once, cheaper each dozen becomes.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | By Gourmet Donuts For Your Loved Ones Today

What could be sweeter than gourmet donuts asks Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Having those gourmet donuts delivered of course. This is there brilliant idea. When they realized, that there was a need for delicious gourmet donuts in Edmonton.

By partnering with a Master Baker, they developed their own flavours and recipes. So that doughnut fans in Edmonton. Could have some of the most unique flavours. Made with the most tasty ingredients.

Not to be outdone, Fuzion donuts Edmonton also wants to ensure. That people do not get bored of their selection. Therefore, flavours change monthly. So that there is always something new to taste at their shop.

Currently, there are twelve flavours to tantalize and delights. Even the most discerning doughnut connoisseur. Starting off with the match of flavoured doughnuts. Sure to delight any fan of green tea.

A tasty match of flavoured crumble tops this standard fried doughnuts. While a lightly flavoured delicate. Match of flavoured custard fills the inside of this doughnut. Next on the list.

Is the apple cheddar streusel doughnut. A standard everywhere for doughnut fanseverywhere. This is reminiscent of the streusel’s people could buy at bakeries. But in a fun, doughnut form.

Inside this fried known it, has a delightful apple cheddar filling. That is not too heavy, and not too sweet either. The third doughnut is a silky caravel doughnut, inspired by the snickers chocolate bar.

A rich dark chocolate with peanuts. Tops this doughnut. Where caravel Centre, is sure to not only delight donut fans. But remind people of how much they love that popular chocolate bar.

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Next on the list at Fuzion donuts Edmonton. Is the coconut doughnuts. Where people will be treated to a crunchy coconut macaroon topping. And a delicate coconut flavoured custard inside this fried doughnut.

However, if people do not want fried doughnuts. And are fans of cake donuts instead. There is something here for them as well. The cake donuts that are currently on offer is the gourmet card mom honeycomb.

That has a chocolate cardamom base, with a crispy honeycomb topping. As well as the ever popular seasonal favourites, pumpkin spice. Another seasonal favourite is the chocolate candy cane.

Where a chocolate cake base holds the crushed candycane topping. And finally, the last cake doughnut to round out this dozen. Is the cherries and chocolate doughnuts. Inspired by the ever popular black forest cake.

This cake doughnut is chocolate in base. Which holds a centre of maraschino cherries. Lightly dusted with icing sugar and chocolate shavings. Not to be outdone, Fuzion donuts Edmonton has several gourmet selections as well.

With the crowning jewel, the pistachio rose doughnut.

The rosewater flavoured icing on top, adds a delicate touch. To the pistachio flavoured custard inside. Topped with candied and edible rose petals. This one is sure to delight all of the senses.

People can vote on their favourite doughnuts. By using the QR code. On the inside of the box of doughnuts. So that they can be sure to keep their favourite flavours. Around, the next time Fuzion doughnuts switches.