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Even though Canadians eat a lot of donuts says Fuzion donuts Edmonton. There is a frustrating lack of high quality and gourmet donuts. This is why they decided to open a gourmet donut shop here.
Fuzion Donuts Edmonton

There were many problems that they saw with trying to get. High quality and delicious donuts in this city. Starting with the fact that people cannot get fresh donuts. Whenever they want them.

This is due to the fact that most bakeries. Only bake once in the day, starting at around 4 o’clock in the morning. By the time the bakery opens. The baking is done for the day, and the baker has gone home.

They also do not want to ever throw out product the end of the day. So they never make enough to fill demand completely. Which means fresh donuts, are always in high demand.

This is why donuts Edmonton decided. To bake they are donuts. On demand by taking orders. And baking them fresh to order. That way, when people want donuts. Whether it is first thing in the morning, or last thing in the evening.

There going to be able to get those donuts. And be assured that they are fresh, and made with high quality ingredients. In order to facilitate people getting the donuts they want, when they want them.

Fuzion donuts Edmonton decided. To incorporate a delivery service. Into their donut bakery. That means when people order their donuts. They choose the time that they want them. And then, there delivered at the peak of freshness.

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This also solves another problem with bakeries. Is that people actually have to get there early. In order to purchase their donuts. If people are unable to get the bakery. Or, they are working or otherwise engaged.

Even if they do not have transportation to get to that specific bakery. They will not be able to get fresh donuts when they want them. By adding in the delivery service. People will never have location. Or transportation.

Be a barrier to get the comfort in donuts when they crave it. Therefore, by becoming a doughnut bakery. That bakes donuts on demand. And then delivers them, they are creating a premium service. For people who just love donuts.

In order to facilitate this, they partnered with a Master Baker. Who created their own recipes. And developed flavours, that matched. What their market research showed customers wanted.

Therefore, the donuts that Fuzion has to offer. Do not taste like any other donuts on the market. Income in flavours, that have not been made. Anywhere else in the city, the country or the world.

In order to make this happen, they have an online ordering system on their website. Which can be fuziondonuts.com. By allowing people to order twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

And having delivery options available, more hours than most other bakeries. They ensure that they can deliver the comfort that Canadians crave, and when they crave it. That is the Fuzion Donuts Edmonton guarantee.

Fuzion Donuts Edmonton | By Yourself Some Gourmet Donuts Now

While donuts are available on almost every Canadian street corner says fuzion donuts Edmonton. Most of those donut shops are chain restaurants. That have cheaply made donuts. In unimaginative flavours.

Which is why they decided. When they were going to create a doughnut restaurant. They would have unique flavours. That were made with high quality ingredients. And made, expertly by hand.

That means they have a wide variety of flavours. To tantalize and delight. Every type of doughnut customer in the city. They also want to ensure that no matter how many times people order donuts from fuzion donuts Edmonton.

That they would be able to deliver flavours that are unique. And never feel stale. That is why fuzion donuts rotates the donuts that they offer on a monthly basis. So that people can always try something new.

Currently, the dozen flavours that they have. Are extremely popular. Often modelled after favourite Canadian desserts. For example, the cherries and chocolate doughnuts. Was created, and inspired by black forest cake.

The chocolate cake donut serves as a base. While the middle of the doughnut is stuffed full of delicious cherries. Topped with grated chocolate and icing sugar. This is a definite fan favourite says the owner.

Another doughnut inspired by our favourite desserts is the lemon meringue doughnuts. Not content to just be a limit meringue donuts. The meringue topping has been flavoured with time. Elevating this doughnut.

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To gourmet status, people who have tasted this one. Says that the lemon filling is not too sweet. And is not too heavy. Making this a perfect dessert doughnuts. Not to be content to just stick to desserts as inspiration.

The silky caramel doughnut was modelled after. Canada’s favourite chocolate bar, Snickers. A rich dark chocolate and peanut topping sits on top of this fried doughnut. While a newly gooey caramel cream is on the inside.

Whether people are getting a dessert. Or they are simply treating themselves to gourmet goody. This doughnut is sure to delight any doughnut fan. The next doughnut on the list is the coconut macaroon.

Not only is this a doughnut that will delight coconut fans. But it is also a delight of the senses. A crisp crunchy coconut macaroon topping. Is the perfect contrast to the creamy coconut flavoured custard on the inside.

And for people who love hazelnut chocolate spread. The hazelnut praline donuts. Is reminiscent of this favourite childhood food. While elevating it to gourmet status. A delicate praline wafer sits on top of this doughnut.

While a chocolate hazelnut filling, provides the perfect contrast. Anyone who loves doughnuts, chocolate or hazelnuts. Will love eating this doughnut. They even have a wide variety of seasonal doughnuts.

And gourmet donuts to delight fans of this baked good. From pistachio rose doughnuts, cardamom honeycomb. To spiced pumpkin and chocolate candy cane doughnuts. There is something for everyone, at fuzion donuts Edmonton.